About Us


Our Mission: To foster a competitive and creative outlet for high school students in the area of theatre and speech for the purpose of networking these students, while providing a forum for competition and constructive feedback as well as encouraging growth and development in the theatre/speech arenas.


Our Vision: To develop a competition format that will allow educators to utilize the strengths of their present programs. Currently, we offer a series of set categories which will be included in every competition in order to create a set level of expectation for all. Some of these Core Categories presently include various styles of monologues (dramatic & comedic), scenes, improvisation and impromptu speeches. Additional competitive activities may be employed as Wild Card categories and may include events such as Shakespearean monologues, pantomime, persuasive speeches, musical renditions or poetry readings. The opportunities for YOUR input are vast!

Additionally, we have a standardized format for evaluation that will allow for constructive and positive criticism, but foster in each participant a sense of growth and accomplishment. Evaluations will be performed by staff members of competing schools and will assume a holistic approach to assess both content and delivery.

Presently, a schedule of competitions is being offered throughout the state of New Jersey. Separate mailings with additional information will be available for each of these. Fees for these competitions are minimal and will depend upon the number of students performing from your school.

Currently there is no membership fee for the NJDFL and any high school in New Jersey may attend its events. At the end of each season, the NJDFL will culminate in a Final "State" Competition.


Educators who wish to learn more about the New Jersey Drama and Forensics League and its planned activities may express their interest by contacting the individuals listed on the Contact page of this website. This is a great opportunity for both educators and students. The New Jersey Drama and Forensics League looks forward to your involvement.

Chip Garrison

Absegami High School

Emily Rizzo
Dumont High School

Rich Colton

Eastern High School

Melanie Taylor

Raritan High School

Andrew Young

Kingsway High School

Curt Foy
Mainland High School

DJ Abel

Mainland High School

Jason Wylie

Northern Burlington HS